About Luis

Luis Ortiz

After a bachelors degree in Computer Engineering, a Masters degree in Industrial Engineering and 27 years as an engineer in corporate America, I decided to use the skills I acquired in activities that resulted in making a difference in people’s lives. After a few years of searching, a few layoffs and changes in industry, I decided to get involved in the field of Leadership Development, particularly at the personal level and that led to my association with Life Leadership. It amazes me how much the association with like minded people and mentors can have on your life.

As individuals we can change many things in our lives if we change they way we think.  Mr. Warren Buffett says that “the more you learn, the more you earn“. So I asked myself, why not apply all those skills that served me in engineering to develop people? The same principles apply in any field so by adopting a mindset of continuous improvement into our every day behavioral and thought patterns, we can gradually change the results we have in our lives.

We hear all the time that change is the only constant in life. While that is true, I believe that the best type of change is targeted or intentional change, the one we actively pursue to help us move our life in the direction we desire as oppose to let life happen to us. New behaviors can be developed with new information.  Reading great books, listening to thought provoking audios and associating with like minded individuals, those are the best ways that I have found to transform my life as I go on this journey.

I believe that a leadership journey is never ending. If you agree and decide to follow along, use the  Contact Luis page to share your thoughts and comments.  I look forward to sharing with you the lessons I learn along the way. God bless!

Luis A. Ortiz