Make Mistakes Out Loud!

Co-Cathedral of the Sacred Heart – Houston TX

Choir Rehearsal…

I have the privilege to sing in my church’s choir, Cor Jesu. Our director, Dr. Crista Miller occasionally encourages us to “make mistakes out loud”.

My natural instinct is to want to do the exact opposite, sing very softly or not at all so I don’t mess it up. However, how can Dr. Miller help me or the rest of the choir fix something if we don’t make mistakes out loud?

Willing to be Bad before Getting to be Good…

We can only learn by doing, not by thinking about it or by delaying our actions. Making mistakes allows us to have what bestselling author Orrin Woodward calls “teachable moments”. Those are moments when we perform, something doesn’t go right, we stop to analyze what went wrong, we make adjustments and try again.

That is how things work in the real world. We can’t expect to do things just once and have it all be done perfectly every time. The sooner we accept that making mistakes is part of the process, the faster we will make progress.

Go Make Mistakes!

So just like we do in choir, let’s go out and make mistakes out loud! That’s the only way to learn and move forward. In which area of your life you could apply this principle? Let me know.

God bless!

Luis Ortiz

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